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Are you looking to add some style into your lifestyle? Then this is the place. I can help you with anything you need to improve the look of your home, add some zing to your image, or generally make sure you step out of the house looking complete.

- Karen Young Owner/Consultant


Tip #4

Keeping House and Home Tip #4

Basic arrangements for book cases and decor

It is easy to get it wrong and difficult to understand how to get it right but here are some basic steps in arranging your bookcase and shelves with finesse and style.

  • First determine what you have and what you can eliminate.  Much of what you display has sentimental value but some items might have more importance than others or aesthetic value. 
  • Try to determine what you have vs.  what you want to display. 
    Get rid of the paperback books that are small and probably wont read again anytime soon or at least store them out of prominence.  Occasional coffee table type books in paperback will have merit. 
  • Look at the books you have kept and determine their value sentimental and /or aesthetic then when you arrange them try not to fill every shelf with the books.  Leave a little space on some shelves at one end or the other.  Stack the books from tallest at the outside to shortest toward the middle.  If you have tall ones lay them on their side in a short horizontal stack a time or two.  Here you could place a piece of pottery or a small clock.